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Special gift for all DAS Supporters.

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This is F17.

The Art of The Guided Discovery Method.

F17 is a Children and Youth Football Academy. We believe in a development first approach and allow our players to learn through Guided Discovery .

In a Guided Discovery session, coaches first demonstrate a particular technique and then pose challenges for players to solve allowing for learning through experience and exploration.

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12 Fully-Certified, Full-time Coaches take your children on a journey through Football to discover their valuable innate qualities. We help children learn and embody stellar qualities for an ever-changing world. Qualities such as, Leadership, Creative Problem-solving, Respect, Teamwork and Communication, among others are taught & explored in our programme.

We achieve all this by using a fun yet challenging and safe environment to help your kids learn and embody these valuable characteristics both on and off the field.

We Love DAS and the Cause they are fighting for

We believe sports brings us together as people. To rally behind such a great cause, is always a great honour. We cannot wait to play in the match.


I think you can already tell that we love football. We want as many people as possible playing and excelling at our Nation’s favorite sport and we believe that starting young is key.

So, in conjunction with DAS’ Score for Dyslexia event, we are offering a full F17 Guided Discovery Session for FREE (instead of the usual $45).

We only allow 12 kids per Session (smaller class sizes for more attention)

Enjoy Score for Dyslexia! See you at the pitch!

Look at the type of sessions available below, Select the Class & Location of your choice, and join the over 500 kids already at F17