Terms & Conditions



  • All new signups are required to purchase F17 Starter Kit of $150. (Worth $200)

    • The starter kit includes:

      • F17 Registration Fee - $50

      • Yearly insurance coverage -$25

      • F17 Warrix kit worth $75 (Warrix jersey $50, Warrix Shorts $15 and Warrix Socks $10)

      • F17 backpack $30.00

  • As of 1st Jan 2019, all existing members' will be issued 1 set of F17 Warrix Training Kit. Members are required to make a payment for the Yearly Insurance of $25.00 and registration fees of $50.00, for those who has made a refundable deposit previously, it will be used as registration fees.

  • All members are required to pay term fees to remain as members. 

  • Term Fees available are:
    Basic Package $450; 
    Additional Sessions Package: $200.
    U13 to U16 Players - $300
    Term Fees made are NON-REFUNDABLE.

  • Please refer to our Fee Structure and Packages for breakdown of fees and “Early Bird Discount”.

  • Only current members can participate and represent F17 in all leagues and tournaments.

  • Yearly insurance coverage (YIC)
    - All members are required to renew insurance yearly. The YIC will be billed together with your term fees yearly.

  • We do not cater to pay per session, instead we have a Monthly Training Package.
    Monthly Training Package:
    4 sessions a month - $200.00
    Additional session - $40 per session


  • Full payment is required at the start of every term with the “early bird discount” applicable only if the payment is received by the last week of the previous term.

  • Mode of Payment – NETS or Cheque. Please make cheque payable to "HeyFootball Pte Ltd".


  • Families with 2 children and more will receive a10% discount of term fees (on top of early bird, if applicable)

  • Siblings Discount is not applicable for U13 - U16 Package.


  • Term Fee: F-17 reserves the right to refuse any member to attend training until full settlement is made.

  • League Fee: F-17 reserves the right to bench any member until full settlement is made.

  • Tournament Fee: F-17 reserves the right to cancel participation of any member until full settlement is made.


  • A member can choose to do a make-up session at any of the training centres

  • Any unutilized sessions must be utilized by the end of each term. All unutilized session(s) will be forfeited.

  • Players need to bring both Football boots and Trainers to EVERY session. It is good practice for the players to arrive in Trainers and put the boots on in the stand before they start.

  • Development Players
    Unutilised Weekday sessions (Weekday Session Package) can be brought forward to next term, if the player has paid for the following term fees.

  • Replacement Classes
    The make-up session policy is found on page 26 of F17 Football Academy's Players Handbook. 


  • All training will take place as scheduled.

  • All players to arrive in trainers and bring boots along. 

  • Session will not be cancelled due to lightening alerts. We will proceed to work on SAQ, running technique, core, team building, tactical workshops in the stand (SUTD) and covered carpark (CIS)

  • Only after 45min into the session, due to poor weather conditions or lightning alert we may decide to cancel the session.

Poor Weather Conditions

  • The head coach will decide to cancel the session if environment is not fit to train.

Lightning Alert

  • When lightning alert is in effect, all training will cease for safety reasons and within nationwide policy. The lighting warning alert will depend on the policy of the venue. 

  • If lightning alert comes on during a training session, the players will wait it out with respective coaches. Coaches may or may not conduct physical conditioning indoors or tactical discussions indoors. This will solely rely on coach’s decision. 

  • Any session which has been conducted for 45 mins or more will not be replaced.

  • If lightning alert is in effect before session commences, the coaches may or may not conduct physical conditioning indoors or tactical discussions indoors. This will solely rely on coach’s decision.

  • Any session that has more than 45 mins remaining, if coaches do not conduct any indoor activities, we may decide to cancel the session. If indoor activities are conducted by coaches, the session is then deemed valid and irreplaceable. This will solely rely on coaches decision.

  • If in the event the session is being cancelled by F17 due to poor weather conditions, if player has attended the session for more than 45min, we may provide a replacement session. The make up session policy is found on page 26 of F17 Football Academy's Players Handbook.


  • PSI levels are closely monitored on NEA website.


  • If the PSI reading provided by NEA is above 150, the training will be suspended and decision point will be made on the ground, to move indoors etc.

  • The reading will be based on the hour when training starts. For example, if our training is at 5.00pm, we will base the PSI on the 5pm reading. Training status will be updated on our Facebook Page if training is cancelled.


  • Any circumstance beyond the control of a party, which delays, interrupts or prevents the event/activity, shall be deemed to be an event of “Force Majeure”. Such circumstances shall include but are not limited to breach of the peace, epidemic, flood, fire, explosion, rain, lightning, storm, sabotage, power failure not due to either party’s fault, act of God, strike, picketing, lock-out and act of government authority. Should the event have to be cancelled due to an event of Force Majeure, F17 Football Academy shall not be in default and members shall not be entitled to any refund, compensation, damages or any other recourse against F17 Footballl Academy.


  • For all injuries sustained during F-17 training, members will be allowed to claim up to $450 in reimbursements, subject to a $50 excess to be borne by the member, for medical fees. For example, for a medical claim of $500, the member will pay $50 and the remaining $450 will be borne by the insurance company.

  • For the claim to be successful, the member must report the injury to the academy, and seek medical attention within 24 hours of sustaining the injury.


  • If a member is unfit for training due to injury or a medical condition, a doctor’s letter must be produced. The academy reserves the right to allow the member to attend the remaining sessions upon his recovery.


  • There will be no training conducted across all centres on designated Public Holidays (as per MOMs website https://www.mom.gov.sg/newsroom/press-releases/2018/0404-public-holidays-for-2019)


  • Requests to put training on-hold for a period of a term or longer are to be emailed to admin@f-17.org for approval. All requests will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

  • If your child is absent from training for more than 15 weeks without any notification, he/she is deemed to have withdrawn from F17 and his/her slot will be forfeited. If he/she wishes to re-join, an administrative fee of S$50 is applicable.

F17 Football Academy Singapore reserves the right to edit and amend its Policy as and when it deems fit.

F17 Football Academy Singapore reserves the right to accept, reject or terminate any person from its programme.