Get ready for the next level!

F17’s Post PSLE Package

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Celebrate the end of exams with F17’s post PSLE Package and enjoy major savings!

3 times a week, 7 weeks, 21 Sessions @ only $490 (U.P $945)

For those born in the year 2007 only.

The post PSLE package allows you to step up your game as you get ready to play 11-side full pitch football. Our program will also prepare you for playing in the FAS U14 Developmental League.

Get ready for the next level.

Grab your first, no strings attached, session for free.

This is F17.

The Art of The Guided Discovery Method.

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30 Fully Certified Coaches take your children on a journey, through Football, to discover their valuable innate qualities. We help children learn and embody stellar qualities for a ever changing world. Qualities such as, Leadership, Creative problem solving, Respect, Teamwork and Communication, among others are taught/explored in our programme.

We achieve all this by using a fun, yet challenging and safe environment to help your kids learn and embody these valuable characteristics both on and off the field.

We Love Kids moving on to Bigger Things

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This is why we put together this post exam program. This will prepare them for the Secondary School and FAS leagues and ensure they are ready for their new school team.

So come down and try out a full F17 Guided Discovery Session FREE (instead of the usual $45).

If you love us at your Guided session, speak to our staff and enjoy the full package of 21 lessons at just $490.

Class timings are as follows:

Wednesday, 5pm to 7pm @ SAFRA TAMPINES

Thursday, 5pm to 6.30pm @ SUTD

Saturday, 11am to 1pm @ SUTD

We only allow 12 players per coach (smallest class sizes for more attention)

Select the Class & Location of your choice below and join the over 500 kids at F17

Enjoy the post exam break! See you on the pitch!