The ESPZEN league is now underway!

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F17 teams (U6, U10 & U12) participated across in a few matches over the weekend. As always, the focus for these games will be fully on helping the players develop and helping them give their 100%.

Winning is always a bonus when we are focused on development.

Personally, we are very excited for this season, particularly for the U6 team. It is very nice to see future superstars taking the next big step in their development journey while having fun and loving their football.

Here is what the Coaches' had to say about the teams performance this weekend:

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"Demand for the team is simple, 100% effort from start to finish. Winning is a bonus. Target for next match is to concede 1 goal less and to score 1 goal more. Partido a partido. I am happy 🙂"

"Thanks once again parents for the great support and cheering! The boys did fantastic and put a great performance as an individual and as a team. Have a great week ahead! 💪🏽"

We would like to thank our the parents and our sponsor FM - Fitness Movement ( for their support in making this league outing possible in the first place. Our players cannot pursue this dream without you guys!

Enjoy some select shots and highlights from the game!

Photo credits: F17 Academy and F17 parents

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Karthik Rames