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How do I go register my child under F17?

You are entitled to a free trial to assess if your young one is having fun & benefiting from our training session. Do come down to any session near you and experience an F17 training session for free! After which, registration can be done with our friendly staff at the F17 booth located by the pitch during training hours. You can choose to sign up for either the Recreational Programme (1x a week) or Development Program (2x a week). If your child is 13-16 years old, then they will be under the F17 Youth Programme.

When can I come for a free trial?

You may register via our website OR send an SMS to reserve your slot at 96567495.

Recreational Programme vs Development Programme

For the Recreational Programme, training is once a week and targeted for new, young players who have recently shown a keen interest in football. Ability levels vary between beginner and intermediate players.

For the Development Programme, training is twice a week, targeted for high-intermediate to advanced players who want to get into the Selection Team.

What is the Selection Team?

Selection Team comprises of players handpicked by coaches to represent F17 in major tournaments. For the Selection Team, league participation and a minimum of one overseas tournament is compulsory. There will also be opportunities for Training Stints in:

- Toreros Fútbol Club Japan (11 and 12 yo)

- DV7 Spain (10, 11 and 12 yo)

How will my child's development improve under these F17 Programmes?

At F17, our coaching curriculum for each programme is standardized throughout all centres and practiced by every Coach. We cater to young players of various ability levels, looking to continuously improve their skills. Our programmes are designed in a progressive manner, allowing players to advance to higher levels and follow our Player Pathway. 


What does my child have to wear/bring for the lesson?

If you are coming for trial, please ensure your child wears a comfortable jersey (any jersey) and shorts, as well as football boots so that he/she can enjoy the session fully! When you sign up with F-17, you will receive a Starter Kit (F17 Training Jersey, shorts and socks) which will be the compulsory attire for every session attended thereafter.

I am unable to attend my regular session. Can I reschedule for a make-up session?

Yes, you may, but you need to inform the academy beforehand in writing via SMS or email.

Can I join in mid-way through the term?

Yes, of course! If you wish to sign up after your free trial, we will pro-rate your term fees accordingly.

Can we pay per session attended?

No, we do not have a pay-per-session policy. We do have a Monthly Training Package at $200 for 4 sessions.

What if it is raining?

Regardless of weather conditions, all members are to report for training as per normal. If a lightning risk halts more than 45mins of the session, a make-up session will be allowed. The decision as to whether training will be held or cancelled due to bad weather will be announced at the respective training centre. Alternatively, you can choose not to attend a session and instead, attend the next available session at any of our training centres.

What if there is haze?

If the 3-hr PSI reading provided by NEA is above 150, the training will be cancelled. The reading will be based on the hour before training starts. For example, if our training is at 5.15pm, we will base the PSI on he 4pm reading.
NEA PSI Readings can be found here: